Passenger service
Passenger service

Passenger service department is providing VIP lounge, business lounge, transit hall, call center, hospital, flight announcement, baggage trolley service, welcoming and guiding service, gardening, airport environment designing, airport terminal cleaning services for passengers.

INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC VIP LOUNGE: The airport organizes high level services to high government officials, foreign VIP guests and delegations, Mongolian diplomats and diplomats of foreign countries on their international and domestic flights. International VIP lounge has capacity up to 70 persons, domestic VIP lounge 60 persons.

BUSINESS LOUNGE: The business lounge in Buyant-Ukhaa international airport is a comfortable place for passengers to relax before and after flight. You can receive Border, Customs, Security Check and Baggage Delivery services all together. Business lounge will allow you to welcome or send off your business partners, guests or tourists with an honor. The hall can serve up to 75 people at once.

TRANSIT HALL: Transit hall started operating from 1 May 2016 to provide service for international departure flight passengers and transfer passenger. You can receive wi-fi, coffee shop, food, lounge and resting area, souvenir shop and duty-free shop services.

INFORMATION CENTER SERVICES: Information center service has face to face information center in airport terminal and call center 1900-1980 to provide customers with the flight and service information 24/7. Call 1900-1980 for the next information:

  • Summer/ winter regular flight schedule
  • Flight plan, schedule for following day
  • Flight status
  • Civil aviation security information
  • Telephone numbers of border control, customs, quarantine organizations located in airport terminal
  • Telephone numbers of airline companies and ticketing agencies
  • Airport services
  • Telephone numbers of retail shops and other organizations located in airport terminal
  • Public transport from and to airport

Hospital: Provides quick first aid services for the customers and staff of the airport in an emergency situation and on daily basis. Hospital organizes airport staff medical check-ups on a yearly basis, health trainings and events for staff cooperating with other medical organizations.

Flight announcement services: Flight announcement services provides customers with the prompt flight information (check-in time, boarding time, take-off time, flight delay and its reason, flight time change) for international and domestic passengers.

Airport terminal management and baggage trolley service: Airport terminal managers are responsible for the preparedness of service (assigning and controlling service staff and the staff of airport private service organizations located in airport terminal).

Baggage trolley service is providing passengers with the trolleys collect used trolleys and prepare for the use and readiness.

Welcoming, guiding service: Airport welcoming and guiding service staff is responsible for providing help of people with children 0-2 years old, people with disability, pregnant and elderly people. This service provided by professional staff who completed special training courses. Airport information center staff and terminal manager can also provide such services.

Gardening, pargeting service: Airport gardening staff is responsible for the gardening, taking care indoor and outdoor plants, gardens. Airport carpenter and repairmen are responsible for repairing and fixing damaged things and parts within the terminal.

Car parking service: Airport parking service is providing service with three tollbooths 24/7. Tollbooths charge vehicles sorting them by passenger car, vehicle with 6 and more seats entering Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport using toll program according to the amount set and approved by the airport director.  

Airport cleaning service: Airport cleaning service staff are responsible for the cleanliness of indoor and outdoor airport terminal. Airport terminal halls and lounges are cleaned by cleaning machine, equipment, cleaning materials.

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