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Diagnostics and measurement laboratory established in 25 November 1999 by the order of head of civil aviation authority as an agency unit to provide flight safety.  

It has complied with the standard MNS ISO/IEC17025:2018 requirement Diagnostics and measurement laboratory operation by the order A/239 of the head of standardization, technical regulation authority in 2019 July 22 according to the law of standardization, technical regulation and accreditation of conformity assessment and accredited 6 times  by Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology, Accreditation Department (MNAS).

Laboratory operation:

Laboratory performs measurement and test operations in civil aviation:

  1. a) measurement tool measure and test, configuration
  • Weather/climate automated plant measurement, test, configuration;
  • Facility equipment grounding resistance measurement;
  • Radio electric measuring tool test and configuration.
  1. b) massive measurement
  • Vehicle weight test configuration.
  1. c) linear angle, plotting measurement
  • topography measurement;
  • Facility deformation, foundering measurement;
  • Petroleum oil well capacity measurement;
  • Tape measure and odgive measure test and configuration;
  • Barrier measurement.
  1. d) unbreakable test
  • Petroleum oil well aging measurement unbreakable test.
  1. e)  Petroleum oil facility test
  • Petroleum oil facility quality test;
  • Measurement glass container test.
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