Airport services Security, guarding service

The department established in 1996 by the approval of civil air transport authority head.

This department is responsible for protecting and safeguard aerodrome, civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference according to the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) standard, requirements, guidance manual and regulations 24/7.

The department is responsible for three major services: security screening/check of passengers, their checked baggage and carry-on baggage, air mail, airline mail and their belongings to enter airport restricted area; airport and navigation facility guarding; cctv in accordance with civil aviation law of Mongolia, National civil aviation security program, rules, standards, manuals.

In 2018 Security, guarding service department became one of the independent operation units of Civil aviation authority. This 2021 year is the 25th anniversary of the department.

The department is aiming to comply with the relevant modern standards, requirements and to improve human resources by training and on job training.

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