Language proficiency test

According to the contract, the language proficiency test is developed by the “Anglo-Continental Education Group”. According to the TEAR examination procedure, the examination materials are sent to the ACA and the final assessment of the examination is carried out by the inspection team of the ACA (2-3 examiners).

Based on Aviation Safety Oversight  and Regulations Department (ASORD)

Assessment worker’s right to work is confirming by making an entry on the license holder's card. If you fail the test, you will be re-tested, so the test will be continuously.

Examination format: Classroom

Target group to be tested: Pilots and flight supervisors

Examination duration: 25-40 minutes


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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 's TRAINAIR PLUS program aims to improve safety and security in the international aviation industry, as well as to promote sustainable development and human resource development strategies. It is a training cooperation program established by ICAO's Global Aviation Training (GAT) to ensure the availability of professional human resources and to implement common training standards and requirements.

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